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Bermesola M Dyer

Bermesola M Dyer, also affectionately known, as “Bermie” is the author of the new book “Getting Past The Ugly Through The Beauty of Self Love.” In a world in 

which there are pressures to adhere to societal standards of beauty, young girls and women alike often struggle with low self-esteem and acceptance. After dealing with her own childhood issues of bullying, ostracism, isolation and rejection, and seeking validation in all the wrong places, Bermesola sought to overcome the adversity of her past and embark on a journey of personal empowerment.


 “I had a really difficult time accepting myself when I was growing up because 

of all of the ridicule I faced as a child” says Bermesola. “I was too embarrassed to tell anyone about my inner struggle with self hatred, so I started journaling. Writing has always been my form of therapy and healing. “ As a result of her love for writing, a determination to move past her insecurities and her motto “encouraging you while I encourage me,” Getting Past The Ugly Through The Beauty of Self Love: 30-Devotions for Higher Self Esteem was birthed.


Getting Past The Ugly Through The Beauty of Self Love invites the reader to take a 30-day journey to renewed inner strength and self-discovery. It is for any woman struggling with self-esteem, self-acceptance or feelings of insecurity. Bermesola provides practical solutions to transform one’s self-perception and redefine beauty based on the Word of God. Getting Past The Ugly offers 30 daily devotions sprinkled with words of wisdom, Biblical references, inspirational quotes, poems, affirmations, and daily action steps to empower and inspire during the transformational process. 


In addition to being an author, Bermesola is a former contributing writer for Culture Magazine. She is also a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, inspirational speaker and poet. She also teaches nursing at Bowie State University. Her passion and mission in life is to enhance the health and well-being of others and inspire young women to walk in their purpose. 


Bermesola is also an avid proponent of people pursuing their dreams and striving for excellence.


Additionally, as a strong believer in education, she has obtained several degrees including: Bachelors’ Degrees in Social Welfare from the University of California at Berkeley and in Nursing from The Johns Hopkins University. She also holds a Doctorate in Nursing Practice from the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and a Masters Degrees in Health Management from the University of Baltimore and in Nursing from Bowie State University


Bermesola was born and raised in San Jose, California and is the oldest of five

children. She currently lives in San Francisco, CA.


Bermesola M Dyer
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