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Thankful Thursday!!

Today is Thankful Thursday!

This is one of my favorite blogs of the week because it's a time we set aside to reflect on how blessed we are. Despite the many obstacles, potholes and struggles life may be bring our way we still have so much to be thankful for. If you think about it, as bad a your life may be right now, it could be much worse! Someone may be looking at you and wishing they were in your shoes.

It's snowing on the east coast today and although I love the snow, it's cold out here! I'm from the west coast so the cold weather is not something I've been able to get accustumed to. We can wear light jackets and sweaters to work in California during the winter but that's not the case in Maryland. I'm bundeled up from head to toe when I step outside my four walls. Despite the brutal cold and the rough winter we have had this far I am reminded that the winter will not last forever. I'm thankful for the different season's of Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. These season's remind me of how similar the cycle of life is to this pattern. Just as sure as the season's change so will the season's in our lives. No season will last forever. If you are going through a winter season right now hang on because spring is right around the corner!

Yours Truly!


Bermesola M Dyer


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