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A House Divided Will Fall...

Americans of every race and gender have fought tirelessly throughout the nation's inception to achieve equality and appreciation for the uniqueness that each culture brings to our country. Many of us have faced prejudice at some point in our lives. I know...I know...sometimes it can be quite the challenge to accept another's view point or lifestyle choice. I’ll openly admit, I too struggle with my own prejudice at times

but whether we like it or not a house divided is certain to fall! The success and wellbeing of our nation depends on this union and the truth is that in spite of our differences we are more alike than we are different.

My prayer is that the US will depend on the Lord more than any man or political party to bring us through our trials and tribulations and that the people who have been ostracized, isolated, picked out, and left on the side of the road will not be cast down. In these perilous times, when nations are rising up against nations and terror and fear are widespread, it is vital for all of us to come together to protect the fundamental values our nations hold dear, including the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

At the end of day each of us is a part of the human race.

No matter what race we are, what culture we identify with, what our sexuality choice may be or even our gender, we all need the same few things to exist:

Food, water clothing, shelter and a little bit of TLC (tender love and care).

We love our children and want to keep them safe from harm.

We want to be able to make a decent living to meet our basic needs.

When we're happy we laugh When we're sad we cry When we're afraid we tremble in fear When a love one dies our hearts are grieved Tears fall from both the young and the old We must breathe in air to live

Our veins run warm with life giving blood and our hearts must beat to nourish our cells.

When we think about it, these small yet existential intricacies are all vital to humanity's existence. We truly do have more in common than unalike!

The world is certainly in need of love today! The challenge comes with stepping outside of what has become comfortable to us and getting to know others for who they really are and not for who we think them to be.

I challenge you to step outside of the comfortable place you have known to exist and get to know another person's cultural or faith practice. Try to see life through someone else's world view. Its easy to cast judgment on another group of people without any understanding of who they are or why they think what they think.

I challenge you to open your heart to our differences because we were strategically designed by our creator to look, think and act differently. Despite the many shades of our skin, the diversity of our dialect and the land or water that separates us, we are for more alike than we are different. We must never forget that a house divided will fall but a nation united will stand!


Bermesola M Dyer


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