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Black History Month-Interesting Fact of the Week: Who were the Harlem Hell-fighters?

Every year in February we take time  to  recognize and celebrate the contributions African Americans have made to our country and around the  world. While preparing for our Black History Month production this year I stumbled across a documentary from the Discovery Channel  that highlighted a group of extraordinary black soldiers who changed the trajectory of a battle during World War One.  Through their heroism and courage, German soldiers sent to ambush the French and American troops were stopped in their tracks. Sadly, the contributions of the Harlem Hellfighters  weren't recognized by the US government until decades later because of the color of their skin, despite being acknowledged and awarded by the French government for  the same accomplishments. As a fellow member of the Armed Forces I am honored to celebrate and remember the heroism of this extraordinary group of men! 

For more on the Harlem Hellfighters check out this short documentary film from the Discovery Channel.

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