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Wellness Wednesday

Today is Wellness Wednesday!

A few of my girlfriends and I have decided to start a book club this year. For our first book we decided to read "Eat-To-Live," by Dr. Joel Furhman. It was an eye opening read, which talked about how crucial it is to make vegetables and fruit the staple foods in our diet. These foods are the "healing foods" our bodies so desperately need to prevent cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and obesity. The ladies in the group have challenged each other to eat at least 5-6 green veggies and 3-4 different types of fruit everyday. This is a welcomed challenge that I know will not be easy to reach but I'm up for the task! Care to join us?

Throughout the year we will talk about some of the powerfoods that help our bodies stay healthy and prevent disease. My hope is that each of us will never have to experience the many challenges bad eating habits bring to our health and well being. We have the power to keep ourselves well. It's all about the foods we eat!

Stay tuned!


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