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Love and Friendship Friday!

February has traditionally been known as the month of LOVE. It is celebrated in so many forms - from passing out candy and roses to honoring the many accomplishments made by black people and U.S. presidents.

Remember in these last few days of the month to honor and shower YOU with love!! One example is to write a love letter and mail it back to you. Don’t open it…save it for a couple of months until you’re having “one of those days” when you need a great pick me up.

If you like being showered with gifts, another idea to show YOU more love is to try a monthly subscription box. What is that you ask? It’s like getting a care package every month based on your interests without knowing what’s inside. There are many, many subscriptions out there which range from food, beauty, fashion, hair, pets, sensual items – you name it!

The subscriptions range in price and most services allow you to either buy a box for one month or every month for however long you want. Some of them wrapped up really pretty and you can give them away as gifts to others!

When you go online, search “subscription boxes” and you’ll see a few websites that will introduce you to a number of subscriptions with reviews. Also, some of the companies are unveiled on YouTube to give you a sense of what you could receive.

Is there anyone that has tried a subscription box? Which ones are your favorites?

Bermesola M Dyer


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