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Motivational Monday: Beauty is skin deep...but ugly is to the Bone!

My mother used to use this well known quote all the time when I was growing up..."Beauty is skin deep...but ugly is to the bone."

As a little girl I never quite understood what she meant by this but as I grew into a young woman I began to realize how superficial the world can be. Society often places so much emphasis on external & makeup...clothes & cars....fortune & fame. In the past, I often fell victim to the "Hollywood Hype," wishing I could be among the rich and famous. What would it be like to be rated, "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World" or "America's Sweetheart or "The Country's Hottest Hunk." It's easy to get caught up in the fickle frenzy, longing to be among the revered and adored. Our world so frequently judges by what it sees on the outside and fails to pay attention to spirit on the inside.

Proverbs 31 speaks about the Virtuous Women and states...."Beauty is Fleeting but a women that fears God should be praised." What I've learned through life's lessons is that the character and strength of a person's spirit is what will last throughout time. It is the person's kindness and compassion for humanity that leaves a lasting impression on our world. Yes, I appreciate the outward beauty but it's the inward beauty of a person's soul that will elevate them among the clouds.

What are you placing your emphasis on? Your internal or external beauty?

Bermesola M Dyer


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