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Motivational Monday: Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Get Out of Your Head! You may have heard this phrase from coaches, spiritual leaders and people who are motivators in your life. When we’re into our feelings, it is easy to mentally fumble and see ourselves in a negative light.

Sometimes we tell ourselves: I messed up again…I don’t have the right skills…I’m not strong enough…I’m not pretty enough…I’m too (short, tall, skinny, fat, etc.)…

This type of inner negative self talk can leave you constantly thinking, “What’s wrong with me?”

Please know that there is NOTHING wrong with you! God has given each of us talents, abilities and strengths that are unique. Once you “get out of your head” and focus on the positive aspects of yourself, you’ll start to see the beauty that others see in YOU. Say affirmations on a daily basis which counteracts the negative thoughts. Read or listen to something positive – I often like to read about people who have overcome hard obstacles in their life which gives me the motivation that if they can do it, I can too!

Be mindful of the company you keep. Limit your time with people who constantly point out your flaws and give you no encouragement. Find time with others to reflect positivity and want the best for you.

When you’re feeling less than stellar, what other things do you do to bounce back?

Bermesola M Dyer


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