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Love and Fashion Friday: R.I.P. Karyn Washington and Domineque Banks

The blogging and YouTube world suffered major losses last week with the passing of two beloved women who inspired to uplift women all over the world.

Karyn Washington founded the site, For Brown Girls, dedicated to enouraging dark skinned women to embrace and love their skin tones. This site not only inspired black women to love who they are but to also defeat colorism. She also started the DarkSkinRedLip Project after rap artist A$AP Rocky said women of color couldn't wear red lipstick. The site is filled with women posting photos of themselves wearing their favorite shade of red lipstick. This is helping to break the stereotype of this belief and the stigmatism associated with wearing a red lip. Karyn passed away at the age of 22. It was reported that she suffered with depression and also tried to cope with the passing of her mother.

Domineque Banks was known in the YouTube world as Longhairdontcare2011. Her videos inspired woment to embrace their natural beauty and help women with managing and growing their natural hair. She was also an advocate of lupus and raised awareness for the disease. Unfortunately, it took her life last week at the age of 27.

These women are definitely to be celebrated for the work they have contributed to helping women love and accept themselves. We will miss you Karyn and Domineque!

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