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Motivational Monday: "Look Up And Smell The Aroma Of Life"

A friend of mine passed this thought provoking video on to me and it touched me to the core, so I decided to share it with you. I won't give too much of the video away but at the end of the clip one thought came to mind. "Smell The Aroma Of Life!"

We have become so consumed with our smart phones, I-pads, I-phones, MP3’s, Play Station’s, flat screen TV's and so many other electronic devices that we have become disconnected from the true essence of living. We’ve grown cold to the masterpiece life's moments have gifted us to experience. I've placed this challenge to myself that for the rest of 2014 I will… "Look Up" from the distractions our "toys" from this technological age can bring and "Smell The Aroma of Life!"

I will smell the flowers and hear the birds singing their song around us. I will Smell the joys of a friendship and embrace the passion true face-to-face intimacy can bring. I will smell the pain of a broken heart and reminisce on the life of a loved one gone. I will celebrate the success of a career change and feel the magnetic connection that only the warmth from the physical presence of another human being can bring.

"I will smell the aroma of life...I will look up!"

What about you?


Bermesola M Dyer


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